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Monday Meal Prep – Coach Scott’s Healing Salad

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Monday Meal Prep – Coach Scott’s Healing Salad

Coach Scott’s Healing Salad (because he cares!)
 Monday Meal Prep - Scott's Healing SaladCoach Scott posted this on the Whole Life Challenge feed a few challenges past and I’ve been making it ever since! It’s an easy dressing because I usually have all these items in the pantry. I had to purchase the white balsamic vinegar but it’s key to the success of the salad. He didn’t have a name for it but I call it “The Healing”  salad- with all the herbs and spices that nature has generously provided to make our food taste delicious but also to help our bodies thrive!
You could add a protein of your choice to make it a meal (shrimp would be amazing).  NB: the recipe was posted without exact amounts, so I’m sure Scott would say, “just wing it!”

 Scotts  “Healing Salad”

1)The Dressing:

3 parts extra virgin olive oil and 1part White Balsamic Vinegar. Big pinch of chili powder, medium pinch of cumin, small pinch of coriander and a dash of cayenne.

2)Whisk and  toss with this combination of healthy greens: cabbage/parsley/red onion/arugula/fresh cilantro leaves

3) Delicious and healthy optional extras to throw in: avocado, roasted pumpkin or sunflower seeds