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Merits of CrossFit, Power Cleans & AMRAP

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On Saturday, I completed a 10-mile outrigger race around Angel Island with the ladies from the US Women’s Whitewater Team. The starting line was at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge on the edge of Fort Baker. The route was east through the bay to Angel Island, around the back side where it’s calm and beautiful, and then back across the exciting and swell-ridden Raccoon Straights. We won the race in 1 hour and 22 minutes.image merits of CrossFit The next team to finish in our division was 6 minutes behind us. We paddled together in May of this year, and prior to that it was 15 years ago we were last united in a boat. We are all busy now with kids and businesses.

Merits of CrossFit US Women's Whitewater team at International Championships on the Futalefu River in southern Chile. US Woman came in 2nd Place overall in the world.
This is us in 2000 at the Wold Champs in Chile, back when we trained together all the time.

Who would’ve thought that us old chicks could kick butt against these teams that train together in a boat hours every week, month in and out?!? I’m convinced of the merits of CrossFit. It makes you strong, and that strength transfers to everything we do.


For those of you that get frustrated with injuries or limitations, I want to hereby encourage you to simply keep moving. In the last two years, I’ve had many major setbacks including major shoulder surgery and a very serious spine injury. Traditional CrossFit would leave me crippled on a daily basis if I wasn’t constantly attentive to mobilizing, stability, and choosing the right (AKA very light) weight. But I’m still able to move and be a contribution to my team!

I read on a tea bag once that “it’s the fight that keeps you young.” I didn’t know that wisdom arrived wrapped in a neat little foil package, but those tea people are on to something. Keep moving. Build strength. Take care of your body. It’s the only one you have!



Monday’s WOD

Hang Power Cleans (from top of knee)

Find a HEAVY set of 3 (near 3 RM) then perform 5 sets at that weight, resting ~1 minute between sets


10 Minute AMRAP

8 Lateral Burpees (12″)
12 Dumbell Push Press (45/25)
16 Russian Twists with your weight from the Push Press

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