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Memorial WOD, WLC, Met Con

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Chase T May 2013 Memorial WOD
Chase before CrossFit two years ago.
IMG_0140 Memorial WOD
The new Chase Thornhill!

Life is a crazy mix of astounding joy and overwhelming loss. On July 4th when Deb and Bradley Wasserman welcomed their second child into this world, Chase Thornhill of the 8AM class lost his sister Melina in a freak accident on a lake during a family outing. Melina lived in SF, was 44 years old, and was the oldest of five children. She leaves behind parents, grandparents, brothers and many nieces. Her obituary is here. On Tuesday, the 28th of July we will do a Memorial WOD for Melina. Please come to work hard and celebrate her life on that day, and if you know Chase then please attend 8AM and workout with him. FYI Chase has attended the 8AM class religiously for the last two years. He drives from SF each morning, and carries on to work up valley post WOD. He may be a stranger to you unless you are an 8AM’er, but he is one of our solid CrossFitters whose life has changed in our midst.



The Advanced Whole Life Challenge is going on! It started last Saturday, and you are eligible to join in the fun if you have participated in a previous WLC. I find that a Paleo Challenge is tricky during the busy and social summer months, but it is a good guideline for our family. My 12 year old daughter is doing it with me, and she was able to attend a Pizza and S’mores party and stay paleo. 3 cheers for her, and those among us who have the fortitude to make good choices. Myself, I’m doing it to detox from my Big Fat Greek Vacation, and to feel amazing while I train for the US Women’s Whitewater Team reunion racing. Join the fun here. It’s only 30 days out of your life!


Thursday’s WOD

Abs of Steel:

Bring Sally Up
Plank Position

Coaches, please spend time reviewing Pose Good Form Running


For Time:

Run 800m

30 Muscle-Ups
Run 800m

Sub 1 Chest to Bar Pull-up and 1 Full ROM Dip for the Muscle up

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  1. Deepest sympathy to Chase and his family in the loss of Melina. Their brother Rob was a very loyal CrossFit Malibu athlete for years- he joined us the very day we opened our doors- and was with us until be moved back up north.
    Thanks WCCF for honoring Melina with this WOD.

    -Best wishes, CrossFit Malibu

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