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Memorial Day

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Memorial-Day-Flag-Website-Banner_edited-1In honor of Memorial Day our regular class schedule is amended: We will have one group class at 10AM. Please join us for Murph. This arduous workout can be scaled as needed, but it is designed to be a slog, a suffer-fest. Choose a scale that forces you to dig deep and dive into your discomfort zone. You won’t suffer alone, and it won’t be for naught!

Burgers come off the grill at 11 for those that do a shorter workout. There will be plenty left for those that intend to do the whole thing, with the weight vest on!

Please bring your own dishes so that we host a zero-waste event.

Can’t wait!



don mmaCheck out this nice article that ran last week in the Napa Register about Don Mohammed who trains with Coach Gabe on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

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