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Meet Mayda, DUs & Met Con

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image meet maydaNapa native finds strength through CrossFit training

Meet Mayda!  Napa native Mayda Barajas came to CrossFit training after several years of cheerleading and dancing.

image meet mayda“Out of high school I went to a traditional gym, spent two or three years at Synergy and had normal goals, using the cardio equipment, but I had no weight training whatsoever,” said Barajas, 24. “Reaching a plateau, I convinced my fiancé, Ricardo, to give CrossFit a try and we went to a Saturday class for an hour to see what it was like. I have been with Wine Country CrossFit ever since, for over a year now.”

“The secret is finally finding something you like. When you begin you are definitely not good at it. I did not have the strength. It’s physical and frustrating, but so much fun, and if you love it you can push through those hard times to achieve whatever you want.”

“My proudest achievements are the strength I’ve gained, the confidence, reaching the strength (goals) I never thought I would achieve. You are always growing, improving, getting stronger. Once you achieve one goal, you reach for another. It doesn’t stop.”

Weighing 115 pounds, Barajas can already lift and snatch 85 pounds. By the end of 2015, she plans to lift and snatch 100 pounds.

“Ultimately, I want to lift 115 pounds.”

She praised Wine Country CrossFit owner Beth Rypins.“Beth is definitely a great story – strong, committed, always there to help. She treats her clients more like friends and is truly interested in personal and athletic growth.”

-Story by Doug Ernst


Thursday’s WOD

Double Under Practice.

Take 15 minutes to perfect the Double Under. It athlete has the double, then work the triple.

5 rounds for time
250 M. Row
30 Sit Ups
50 Double Unders

Cash Out:Plank ups to Bring Sally Up!

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