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Reminders, Meet David Schwandt, Cindy

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July 10th is Friday Night Lights


meet David Schwandt

July 11th is our BIG SUMMER BASH in the park! Details are here, but the gist is Bring your friends and your kids, Bring a Paleo Side Dish, BYOB in a NON-glass container, get ready for fun! Sign up in the gym


David Schwandt  Stays Active With Crossfit

David Schwandt of Napa played soccer throughout his life until he hit the big 5-0.

meet David Schwandt“I was obsessed with soccer, but at 50 I retired from soccer due to injuries to my ankles, knees and other problems, so I switched to road biking, which was okay but uncomfortable, bothering my back, and it didn’t give me the level of exercise I was used to, or the friends, the community and the competition. I began looking for a broad range of activity, not just riding.”

Then a couple of friends at Saxco International, where Schwandt works as Vice President of Wine Sales, recommended he check out Crossfit training.

“I was losing weight but I was looking for more – biking was boring, and the Crossfit class sounded interesting. I happened to live close by to Wine Country Crossfit, and the staff there was super friendly, encouraging and warm, interested in health and goals, making sure I would not get hurt, making sure I did the workouts right. Being older, I was prepared to listen to my body.

It was terror at first, like going to the Big Game every time you work out, so intense, trying to keep up, I had to get over the hump. I thought I was in shape, but I was nothing. It took me six months to get over the hump of being constantly sore. The workouts are never easy, although some are lower-key.

You get to know a group, and people talk about the changes they see in me, people in their 20s and 30s. The whole Crossfit community – everybody is supportive. I had camaraderie in soccer, but when I quit it dropped. Now I have it back. It’s a family, I get to know people and work out with the same people.

My schedule is defined now by getting four workouts a week. I travel some, so recently I did a three-mile run on the beach.”

Schwandt praised the coaches at Wine Country Crossfit.

“Kris, my weightlifting coach, is really really good about form in lifting. J.C. is a shoulder specialist. She helped correct my exercises by stretching and working through it. I learned to listen to her about form. Ritchie, Gabe and Scott will come and watch and correct you to make sure everything is right, Jose and Victor, too.

You have to be mentally ready. You have to want it. Expect that it’s going to be hard, that you are going to be sore, and that you will have failure; but if you stick with it, you’ll find that you’re good at it. Everyone has a super-power. For some people it is core work, some are great at sit ups.

My knee and ankle problems went away, thanks to flexibility and mobility. I can do Crossfit until I’m 70. I’m getting stronger, I’m more in shape, and I’m improving week by week.”

Of 153,000 Crossfit participants in a recent worldwide competition, only 2,000 were masters (0ver 55).

Story by Doug Ernst




Monday’s WOD

AMRAP 20 mins:

5 pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air squats

Compare to:

Cash Out:

2 minute shoulder stretch. each side
2 minutes hamstring stretch, each side
2 minutes hip flexor extraction, each side

Cash Out #2: 200 double unders for time

FYI we are substituting Cindy for the 100 Push Up Program today

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