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ME day is my favorite…

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Wine Country CrossFit – CrossFit Level 1

Max Effort Work

ME1: Max effort thrusters (AMRAP – Reps)

3 attempts at max effort thrusters 95/65


WOD1: Metcon (Time)

3 rounds

2x down and back sled push at 1.5xbody weight (rx+ 2x body weight)

30 situps (rx+ 20 GHD)


Max Effort Work

ME2: 200 double unders (Time)

200 doible unders for time.
Goal is to get under 2 mins


WL1: Metcon (Weight)

4 rounds not for time

5 bench press

10 good mornings

Both at body weight. RX+ is 1.5x bw

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