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Martin Luther King Day & Recovery Idea

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In honor of the amazing Martin Luther King Junior we will offer an amended class schedule on Monday January 16. Our day includes:

Boot Camp – 7AM

CrossFit – 9AM

CrossFit 4.30PM




Would you hang out in a below-freezing chamber for the chance of revved metabolism, improved sleep, and major calorie burn? Those three minutes in the ice chamber are proven to reduce inflammation and enhance recovery. Here’s how it works: The frigid cloud of nitrogen in the chamber tricks your body into thinking it’s in danger, forcing it into preservation mode. The brain signals to the rest of the body to rush blood to your core for protection, increasing body heat (and your metabolism). After it’s over, the enriched blood rushes back out and through your body, boosting immunity, cell renewal, and natural pain relievers. Some folks use it for weight loss, but more and more athletes are using it as a recovery tool.

We are lucky to have a Cryotherapy center right here in the Napa Valley. Calistoga Cryo is open Tuesday – Saturday, and is run by Jakob and Stephanie Diehl. They are an inspiring young couple who lost everything in the Valley Fire. When stress got the better of them they tried Cryo and slept through the night for the first time in months. They were sold on the efficacy and opened Calistoga Cryo. They offer Wine Country CrossFitters a crazy deal: Five sessions for $100, which cost regular folks $250.

Finally, if you tuned into Wodapalooza this weekend you might have seen images of athletes in the cryo tanks. Try it out!

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