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Let’s Recount 2018

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It’s too easy in our busy lives to keep going at a million miles an hour. But, in order to set up our New Year for success, it’s critical to acknowledge the accomplishments of the year that is ending. It doesn’t have to be a big and exhaustive list as a few highlights will do the trick.

To show how easy it is, I’ll go first.

Beth’s 2018 Successes

Recuperated from a total knee replacement
Increased my pull-ups from two to nine
Relearned to paddle
Managed Wine Country CrossFit
Competed in Masters Division at Whitewater World Championships
Taught my 16 year old to drive without murder charges
Won gold at the World Championships
Supported elderly parents in transition
Learned to count macronutrients and improved my recovery

Now I’m set up to make my list of intentions for 2019. But if I create the new list before recapping the last year it all gets muddled. Let’s face it: In this day and age it’s easy to be so busy that we don’t stop and smell the flowers. Acknowledging our successes creates the space in the brain for future wins.

Respond in our comments section with your 2018 wins and your 2019 intentions. We want to hear from YOU!