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Let's Get Ready to Ruuuuumble!

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We love rallying around our members–inside and, especially, outside of the gym! Not only do you guys do amazing things in your CrossFit classes, but you are also rock stars personally and professionally–and we love bragging on you!

This week, we’re bragging on WCCF member Don Mohammed (@papamidnight170 on Instagram) who has, once again, claimed an amazing achievement. Don will be fighting November 19th (Saturday) at the SAP Center in San Jose as a part of the Bellator MMA (mixed martial arts) event. Here’s an action shot of Don that is sure to make you never want to get mixed up in a fight with him:


Aren’t you terrified?!

In case you are unfamiliar with this tournament, Bellator is a huge accomplishment for professional MMA fighters and is comprised of some of the best in the world. In other words, Don is a total bad ass!!

Let’s do what we do best at Wine Country and show our utmost support for a fellow family member. If you would like more information about the fight or how to purchase tickets, just grab Beth in the gym and ask for the run down! You can also show your support by following Don on Instagram and helping us showcase just how awesome he is.

We’ll see you in November–get ready to rumble! (Or, at least, get ready to watch Don rumble!)

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