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New Offering, CrossFit Laughter and Snatches

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Don’t Forget WCCF’s New Offering – Become a Super Bad-Ass CrossFitter at Body Foundations for CrossFitters

Monday 10/21 & 10/28 at 4 pm

(Other dates and times to follow)

Come on in at 4 pm for the next two Mondays to Body Foundations for CrossFitters, and learn how to engage your Posterior Chain (aka “the junk in your trunk) so that you can become even more of a badass!!

In this class, you will learn techniques that you can directly apply to all of the movements we do in CrossFit. Monday 10/21 we will focus on techniques to improve your Cleans and ways to improve your shoulder mobility and strength to postively affect your ability to do dips – all in preparation for Elizabeth!!

Come and join in – this class is included in your membership!


CrossFit is Funny!

I stumbled across these websites last week – CrossFit humor is a special kind of humor! Laughter makes you stronger!

Enjoy your life and learn to laugh at yourself – it’s good for you!!



Thursday’s Workout

Snatch – Find 1 RM Snatch


Row 500 m (go for the board!)

Rest 1 minute, then


Wall Balls 20/14#
Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

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