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One of of our members is awoken frequently in the night with cramps in his legs. He drinks heaps of water. He takes a multi-vitamin and eats a lot of bananas.

Recently I gave him Krampade to try. Not only did the cramps stop immediately, but he also feels better and more powerful in the gym than he has in ages.

Dehydration works havoc on the tissues of the body. Muscles are 70% water, so even a mild amount of dehydration can create substantial symptoms.

A complete electrolyte replacement, Krampade has a form of potassium that is quickly absorbed when it is consumed. It’s effective at eliminating exercise induced cramps, repetitive motion cramps, nighttime cramps, and menstrual cramps.

Best part, you can try this for FREE in the gym! We have single serving packages for you to consume on the spot! Brochures and samples are on the shelf in the West Wing.

Get hydrated and feel amazing!