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Killer Hotel WOD

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Don’t miss the movement and the sweat just because you are away from home! Most hotel gyms have a treadmill, some dumbbells, and a bench. I did this last week while staying in a hotel, and it made for a great day.

Warm up for 8 minutes on the treadmill. One you hit minute 4 start to make that thing STEEP! Spend the next four minutes going UP HILL! Then to the following:

20 Minute AMRAP
5 HEAVY Step-ups Left Leg
5 Heavy Step-ups Right Leg
12 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch – As Heavy As Possible
10 Burbees

It takes me a LONG time to warm up! So I started the step-ups with 20’s# on the right side, and graduated to 45’s#. On the left, where  I had  the knee replaced, just my body weight was good enough. When it came to the dumbbell snatch I did the same thing: I started with #15 and finished the WOD with #45. It’ll make you sweat so have fun!