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Maureen Eckert's Victory & KettleBell Day

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Maureen Eckert

In the summer of 2009 I met Maureen at a business lunch, and invited her to check out CrossFit. She attended an introduction, and thought this seemed a fun way to get in shape. But the stress of caring for her elderly mother combined with fulltime work and family responsibilities didn’t leave time for fitness. Last November, 2010 she was diagnosed with full blown osteoporosis, and the doctor insisted that she start on biophosphates, anti-bone loss medication. She has watched many of her friends suffer mean side effects from these drugs for years, and she said “just give me one year and let me see what I can do.” The next day I received an urgent call from Maureen that she had to get started right away. Maureen had found a nutritionist who specialized in bone health and it was imperative she have a program heavy in weight bearing exercises.

She began with a few private on ramp classes, and then graduated to the CrossFit 101 program in January 2011. She has come diligently two-three times a week, and has worked hard to master the basic movements. She has gained strength, confidence, and enjoys the camaraderie in the classes. Most importantly, she has reversed the osteoporosis. In July, to her delight, her DEXA (bone density reading) test showed she now has osteopenia, which is the step before osteoporosis.  This was accomplished in less than one year and without harmful drugs.  She is looking forward to getting a totally normal reading in the year ahead!

The moral of the story: CrossFit not only works, it ROCKS!!!



“I am so happy with CrossFit! It was a blessed day when I met Beth!”

-Maureen Eckert


KettleBell work:  TGUs, snatch, clean, flips etc.

As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:

7 One Arm Kettlebell Power Snatches – 2 pood
7 Ball Slams 40 lbs
7 GHD Sit Ups

Compare to 3/16/11

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