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Kettlebell and Alotta Tabata

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Image result for tabata timer alotta tabataCiabatta you say?  No, Tabata!  A-what-A you ask? TA-BA-TA I say to you. This guy, Izumi Tabata, did this ground-breaking research into high-intensity intermittent training (HIIT) and came up with a protocol that we follow today in many of our CrossFit workouts. The end result, 20 seconds of high-intensity work followed by 10 seconds of rest in a given movement for 8 rounds (4 minutes of work total) produces much better improvements in fitness – even though athletes work out for less time and at a lower intensity¹. Nice, huh? Spend less time working on something to gain more strength, anaerobic, and aerobic fitness. Win Win.

Now, when doing these HIIT exercises, you really need to make sure you are doing them in the most efficient and effective way and that you can measure your improvement. This is where scoring the workout can be handy for you.  Do you know yourself as an athlete?  Do you go out full blast on most of your workouts and then fade in the last round into a pile of worthless goo? You can’t do that in a Tabata because your score is determined by the lowest number of reps you get in any of the 8 intervals.  So if you go full out in the first interval and you get 14kb snatches, then get 8 snatches in the 3rd interval but then rally for a 17 in the last interval your score is 8.  Your goal here is to be consistent in your efforts. Quality movement all the way through will get you stronger and faster sooner.


Wednesday’s WOD

Kettlebell Skill Work – KB Snatch, KB Clean and Jerk and KB Goblet Squat

Coaches Note: We will begin the 100 Push Up Challenge this month. If athlete is skilled with the Kettlebell then have them establish their ME Push Ups.

WOD – Tabata 4 Ways (Alotta Tabata)

#1 – KB Snatch (alternating)
REST 1 Min
#2 – KB Clean and Jerk (alternating)
REST 1 Min
#3 – KB Swings
REST 1 Min
#4 – KB Goblet Squat

OPTIONAL Cash-Out – 6 min AMRAP
20 m Walking Lunge with KB
3 X 10 m Shuttle Run

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