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Plans for the week, Karen

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Mark your calendars please!

Friday Night Lights this Friday the 10th of July

Image result for friday night lights crossfit filthy 50


Summer Bash in the Park on Saturday July 11. See you at both events!

filthy 50


clothes filthy 50Lost and Found

Missing some personal items? They just might be in the office awaiting your arrival. There is a pile of clothes on the table in the office, and they will all be donated by the end of the week unless they find loving and friendly homes.




Monday’s WOD


100 Wallballs for time 20/14

100 push up programming


Image result for pukie the clown filthy 50Cash Out: Check out the Pukie the Clown on the back of the T-shirt, and give thanks that you aren’t him today. Walk to Lincoln and back.

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