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It’s Open Season Again!

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The format of the CrossFit Games has changed, and so has The Open.

The CrossFit Games are the Olympics of functional fitness. Each February people all across the globe test themselves with five workouts spread over five weeks. Those that finish at the top once made their way to the Regionals, and then onto the CrossFit Games.

The new format no longer contains the Regional competitions. Instead the top athletes now qualify at high level competitions spread all over the globe. All of this has been done with the intent of making the playing field more accessible to the “average” athlete.

What it means for us is that in 2019 we get to do The Open twice! The five weeks of competition that start on October 10th are leading us to the 2020 CrossFit Games.

Not sure what all this means? Don’t stress. Just sign up here, and get ready to a lot of FUN! We will have two teams. Both teams vie for our Cup. You will work hard. You will laugh hard. You will do amazing things to get points for your team. And, you get a cool T Shirt when you sign up! Get it all going HERE.