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Friday Night Lights Was Cool! Isabel

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 Isabel Friday Night Lights WCCFOn Friday at 6.30PM we hosted our first Friday Night Lights. We had our own CrossFitters and athletes who dropped in from nearby gyms for Fran-wich. This team workout consisted of Fran, Grace, Diane and Fran. We offered an RX approach to the WODS, an Intermediate and Scaled Version. Aaron and Marie had the fastest time at 13:48, and they were a mix of Scaled and RX. We even had Maddy and Garrett representing on the Teen side, and they dug deep and worked hard. It was a GREAT time and we will do it again, on June 5th.


Our original intent had been to host Friday Night Lights two times a month, but for now we will stick with one Friday a month. It’s a fun and fast pulling2 Friday Night Lights WCCF Isabelway to get your WOD on, so mark your calendar NOW for Friday June 5th for the next Friday Night Lights. I know we all have heaps of social occasions on Fridays, but folks were out the door by 7:15, which leaves you plenty of time to get to that graduation party around the corner. And you’ll look really cool showing up in your kidsworkout digs….


PS. I know these photos leave a LOT to be desired. Is it time for a new phone or just a new photographer???



This weekend I am attending the CrossFit Level 1 Certification Seminar down in Aromas, CA. It’s a dot on the map on the 101 Level 1between Gilroy and Salinas, and it’s also the original CrossFit Games site. On day 1 we got to do Fran and I was able to participate! After the last 18 months of shoulder surgery and a back injury, I’m finally able to CrossFit again. The trick now is to continue with the baby steps and not be a bone-head and over do it. I give you permission to remind me of that when you see me falling to pieces during a WOD in the gym!


Monday’s WOD

Snatch – 10 Min to find 1RM
Beginners work from Pos 1
Intermediate work from Pos 2

For inspiration:
[responsive_youtube norel]



30 Snatches* for Time
Men 135#
Women 95#

*Floor to overhead, may be a muscle, power or full-squat snatch

Compare to 1/17/11, 5/16/11, 9/26/11, 1/30/12, 7/9/12, 11/5/12, 4/15/13, 8/5/13, 4/14/14, 8/1/14

Cash-out – 50 Burpee Box Jumps & 20 Pull up Challenge work

Barbell Club

Power Clean + Hang Clean 4×1+1

Back Squat
75% 1×5, then drop set AMRAP

Sumo Deadlift
1x3RM, then 2×5 drop sets

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