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Is Coffee Bad?

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Is Coffee Bad?

Is Coffee BadEspresso. Strong and Dark. Large quantities of it. After a glass of water I move straight onto the coffee. Never before today have I entertained the question: Is coffee bad? When I visit people in their homes and they serve drip coffee I behave politely and say “it’s good.” Truth: It’s never quite strong enough. Somedays I can’t believe coffee is legal because it has makes such a cognitive change for the drinker.

Recently my partner in crime – who loves coffee as much as I – was having trouble with muscle cramps. It would hit him at the worst times; while he slept, worked out, sat in the movie theater. Then he got sore spots on his foot that came out of nowhere. He decided that coffee was the culprit. He quit cold turkey. Overnight the cramps went away. The red and inflamed spots on his feet were gone within a week. His flexibility – always a challenge – improved more in one week than in the 3.5 years I’ve worked with him.

Is Coffee Bad?

Chinese Medicine says that the oils from coffee leave deposits on the soft tissue that inhibit healing. I’m always working out, so I Is Coffee Badwant the fastest recovery possible. I also seem to have a penchant for injury of late, and I want those to heal fast too. So if I lean toward Chinese Medicine I should quit right now!

But Western Medicine claims the opposite. This study shows that drinking coffee reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other inflammatory diseases. Researchers concluded that coffee contains important antioxidants that reduce inflammation in your body. In addition, it’s common knowledge that you can increase your athletic performance by 15-20% with caffeine. Us CrossFitters always want that!

Dr Mark Hyman asks the same question, and after years of addiction to the life-giving brown drink, he says a resounding YES. It’s bad. Here are his 10 reasons why you should quit. He even outlines the steps to minimize the misery of withdrawal. I’m going to try it. I’ll let you know how it goes…..

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