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Incentive For You, Cool Mobility Tricks & Push Press

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Incentive For You, Cool Mobility Tricks & Push Press

I have a great new incentive for you!

Add a picture to your Front Desk Profile and walk away with a cool new Window Decal,  a cool new Bumper Sticker, or a cool license plate holder. Not sure what we mean, or how to do that? Ask any of your coaches who have smart phones to show you how! Log into Front Desk here. Already did the picture thing and don’t want to miss out on the schwag? Don’t afraid, we have extras for you. Want extra schwag for family member’s vehicles? We sell ’em all for $10!



Antioch CrossFitIn addition, we just learned about this fun event at the end of the summer in Antioch. Mark your calendar for August 29th for Battle on Sunset 2


Get ready for some cool new mobility tricks that open your shoulders and set you up for the best Push Presses of your life today.

Finally, there will be NO OPEN GYM this Sunday morning.


Thursday’s WOD

Push Press
Find 3 Rep Max with Perfect Form

AMRAP 12 Minutes
5 Push Press (155/105)
10 Toes to Bar

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