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HSPU & Partner Gone Bad

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Partner Gone BadLove me some partner work.   It’s so motivating to get into the workout with maybe somebody new, or your ol’ tried and true training partner.  If this is your first time doing a partner workout you might have a little anxiety. What if I can’t keep up?  What if I totally ruin the other person’s workout?  Or all the other myriad “what if” scenarios that you put yourself in when you take on responsibility for another person’s fate. But like any other workout that you do, after 3,2,1 go all the anxiety you felt just goes out the window and you are in it–there’s no backing out now–you might as well just go for it. The beauty with “Partner Gone Bad” is you’ve got your buddy right next to you, they’ll be there to catch you if you stumble and you’ll be there for them to keep on going.  At the end, you’ll want to do it all over again, because doing something with a partner is always more fun than going solo.


partner gone bad veggies whole life challengeAs you all know by now (or at least you SHOULD know by now) we are embarking on a quest to change you life for the better! Tonight, at 5:30, you can hear all about how to be a part of this epic movement. Coach Hilary will lead a pow wow on how to best navigate the Whole Life Challenge.  Sign up here for the WLC, and be sure to join the WCCF team. The 8 week challenge begins on May 2nd, and we will complete the benchmark WOD the following Monday, May 4th. One of the major components of the Whole Life Challenge is getting your vegetables! Here’s an interesting article about vegetables–not sure the recipes are WLC approved–but the actual information is good to know.



Friday’s WOD

Skill: Free Standing Hand Stands & Hand Stand Push Ups on Parallettes

WOD – “Partner Gone Bad”

3 Rounds, rest 1 minute between rounds

1 minute – 10 meter Wheelbarrow Walks (switch positions after each 10 m length) – count # of 10 m lengths
1 minute – Partner Wall Balls (one partner throws, other partner catches, alternate) – count # of catches
1 minute – 10 meter Prowler Push (both partners push, one partner on each handle) – count # of 10 m lengths
1 minute – Tire Flips (alternate) – count # of flips
1 minute – Shoulder-Tap Push-ups* – count # of reps

*Partners both get into a pushup position opposite each other, close enough to reach out and touch the other person’s shoulder. One person begins the exercise by performing a pushup, then when they reach the top, reaching out their right hand and tapping the other person’s left shoulder. The other partner then does the same. With each new repetition, alternate between tapping with your left and right hands.


GHD Sit-ups
GHD Back Extensions

Barbell Club
-Cluster 4 x 1
-Box Squats 4 x 3
-Push Jerk 4 x 2

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