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How To Track Your Food

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It’s hard to tackle your nutrition without a baseline. In order to effectively guide you on a new path it’s helpful to know WHAT you eat. You must be able to SHOW the nutrition coach what we eat. It might seem daunting at first, but take a breath and let’s move forward!

You can start a log in a notebook, or keep a list on your phone. Or, you can do it on MyFitnessPal!

We have put together a short video that shows you the simple steps to food logging. Watch it here:


We are delighted almost daily by people who are curious about how to lose weight, and how to change what they eat. They often tell us “I eat great.” And when we ask them WHAT they eat they can’t really say. That’s why food logging is the most important and effective first step. Do it now and you will be amazed at what it reveals!