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Hormone, Gut & Thyroid Health Recipe Class

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This class is for any woman in our community who wants to feel better and have more energy.

A lot of times we go through life stressed, overdone, with aches, pains and cravings. All of these are signs that things might not be quite right in the body.

In this 90 minute class Nutritionist Shelley Lewis offers a nuanced conversation on hormone health, gut health, adrenal and thyroid health.

Often we think it’s a cleanse that will make us feel ‘right’ again. But Shelley shares recipes that support the body’s natural and innate detoxification systems.

Space is limited so be sure to reserve your spot.

When: Saturday, February 1
Time: 2.00-3.30PM
Where: 1141 Mt. George
Cost: $22
RSVP: 707.481.9507

The better you feel the harder you can work out. So let’s do this!