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Holiday Schedule & Programming Overview

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We wish you the happiest of holidays, enjoying time with friends and family. We celebrate that we are in this CrossFit Community with all of YOU!

holiday schedule

Holiday Schedule

Monday through Wednesday – business as usual

Thursday, December 24 – 9AM class

Friday, December 25 – CLOSED

Saturday, December 26 – business as usual



Programming Overview


You may have noticed that we are doing a lot of squats.  We are currently in week three of an eight cycle where we will spend seven of the weeks working up to a 20 rep max for our back squats. Why 20 rep max and why such a long cycle?  The seven weeks gives us time to slowly increase our max effort overall for back squats.  We are in the third week of 1 rep maxes, the next two weeks are 5 rep maxes, the following week is a 10 rep max, and the 7th week is the dreaded 20 rep max.  You’ll have to wait to see what pain that eighth week is gonna bring you.  The 20 rep max is one of the best ways to express a total max effort in a lift.  20 rep maxes keep us from just gaining strength in a lift; it helps us exact strength, endurance, stamina, and efficiency in our lifts.  Put in the effort and you will see results! Want to learn more about the inspiration behind our new programming? Well, read this!



Monday’s WOD – BS Waves and Pacing Work

Strength (20 minutes)-
BS wave ladders :

Set 1: 85% x 1 rep
Set 2: 85% x 2 reps
Set 3: 85% x 3 reps

Set 1: 88-90% x 1 rep
Set 2: 88-90% x 2 reps
Set 3: 88-90% x 3 reps

Set 1: 90-93% x 1 rep
Set 2: 90-93% x 2 reps
Set 3: 90-93% x 3 reps

The idea behind a wave is to push the body further by using the potential built up from the previous set of heavy lifts. Continue the pattern above until you fail a rep.


4 RFT:

10 ball slams
10 TTB
200m run

***1 minute rest between rounds…pace to keep within 10 seconds from first to last round


Tuesday’s WOD – Twofer

Isabel then Grace

30 snatches 135/95
run the block
30 clean and jerks 135/95



Wednesday’s WOD – Helen

Snatch balance work

work up to a heavy three rep max



400m run
21 KBS (1.5/1)
12 pullups



Thursday’s WOD – 12 Days of Christmas!

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