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A Hidden Treasure

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hidden treasureWe’ve discussed the pausing squat and the effectiveness of linear progression over the past couple of weeks so I’m going to give you a break on that today. ┬áInstead, there’s a little nugget I’ve hidden in the WOD (one could think of it as hidden treasure)–the Prowler Push. ┬áIt’s been a little while since we did these last in a workout. The Prowler has two sets of handles that enable you to push either from a low position (such that you are more parallel to the ground) or from a high position. The lower position focuses more on the quads and is much more difficult. You’ll also find that if you go long enough your quads tend to blow out and you end up relying on your hamstrings and then you really are spent. The Prowler can be very demanding on the cardiovascular system as well, and feeling as if your lungs are going to explode out of your chest in the 30 seconds after your set is common. Be aware of this while you are finishing your round in that 200m run.

Wednesday’s WOD

Pausing Front Squat. 3×5. Start at 65% of 1RM. Linear Progression. Add 5# each week. 3 second count at the bottom. Today should still be on the light side with incredible focus on form.

note: Beginners just out of On Ramp are working on straight front sqauts with no pause


“Hidden Treasure”

AMRAP 15 minutes
2 Push Press (115/75)
4 Push Jerk
1 Prowler Push (180/90)
Run 200 M.
Cash Out: 50 OH Plate Sit-ups


Barbell Club

Chinese Snatch Hang Pull
BTN Push Jerk & OH Squat
Front Squat

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