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Happy New Year! Now Let's Move

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Happy New Year!

To start 2016 with a bang we keep on keeping on with our Back Squat Program. Can’t remember where we are going with all this squatting? Refresh yourself on the method behind the madness (scroll down for Programming.) We have seen very impressive gains so far, and we look forward to really making this New Year a Happy New Year.


Progress is only possible if you keep up with your mobility. Keep those legs and hips OPEN. Show up to class early. Stay late. Get it done. Subscribe to MobilityWOD to work on it at home. Mobility can be applied to your life all day long! Are you a hair dresser, a dentist, sit at a desk for 80% of your work day, or in a profession where your back is slouched and your shoulders rounded while you get the job done? Mobility will help you feel AMAZING at the end of the work day. Just five minutes will return vitality and well-being to your tired body. The small investment in time pays off. Again, practice what we do in classes, or subscribe to MobilityWOD to stay up on the latest movements that will make you feel ALIVE!

Resolve to Do Something Different

Resolutions. Did you set them? How big did you go? And did you address all the parts of your life? Resolutions and Intentions work. We just have to pay attention to ourselves and our lives! We look forward to a vibrant 2016 with all of YOU.happy new year resolutions


Monday’s WOD – 5×5 Back Squat & AMRAP

5×5 BS @90% of 5RM


Hang squat clean 155/115
rx 3 pull ups EMOM
rx+ 3 C2B pull ups EMOM

***start with pullups and then execute pull ups EMOM throughout the WOD



Tuesday’s WOD – Pull-ups & Pace Running (Not to be confused with Pose Running)


3 rounds:
a. max effort strict pullups pause one second over the bar and slowly let down on a two count
b. max effort kipping/butterfly
***rest 60 seconds between rounds. Try to limit rest between strict and kipping. Rx+ is to not come off the bar


3 sets of 800m run around the block
***rest 1 min between rounds and try to keep pace the same for all three rounds



Wednesday’s WOD – Lunges & Team WOD

3×20 weighted lunges (DB or KB)


teams of two:
300 double unders
200 squats
100 box jumps (24/20)
50 KBS (70/53)



Thursday’s WOD – Longish WOD

2000 m row
200 double unders
200 situps
200 m overhead walking lunge (45/25)



Friday’s WOD – 5RM BS & WOD

5RM of back squat

wall balls (20/14)
push press (135/95)
back squats (135/95)


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