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Happy Birthday and Welcome Back Raquel

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Howdy folks, I was out on a river trip last week on a 4 day family vacation. I had a great time, and am happy to be back for more hard work and good eating. Sometimes food on river trips isn’t all that Paleo, which is why it is sometimes called float and bloat, but Pringles qualify as Paleo don’t they???


Please note that we now have a 5PM class on Fridays, and we hope all you afternoon and evening CrossFitters will join in the fun. Coach Scott is teaching it these days, and rumor has it that he sports Paleo cerveza and Pringles post WOD.


Finally, join us on Tuesday for Raquel’s birthday WOD. In case you can’t place the name to the face, she is the cool, tall chick who RX’s on most workouts, is quickly catching her STRONG mom Linda, and might just be who you talk to should you have the need to call 911.



Clean and Jerk work
Review both clean and jerk and look for 1RM

3 rounds:
400M Run
2 Clean and Jerks (185/135)
9 Push Ups

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