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Hang Power Cleans-S2O Work

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The Shoulder to Overhead (S2O) is accomplished by cleaning the weight to your shoulders from the floor and then getting the weight into an overhead position by any of the overhead movements you feel most comfortable using-press, push press, or push jerk. Today we’re going to work on the “meat” portion of this movement. ┬áThe “meat” being the hips and their role in both the Hang Power Clean and the Push Press. You need to generate torque (aka power) with the proper start position in the hang position and then create force, using the speed of your hips, to get that weight to your shoulders first, then wind up again and let those hips do the work to get that bar off of your shoulders into the proper overhead position to make the entire lift possible.

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Essentially, “an object at rest, or rotating at a constant angular velocity, will continue to do so until it is subject to an external torque. A torque produces a change in angular velocity which is called an angular acceleration.”–Here. The Hang Power Clean really helps you focus on that moment when your body is creating external torque to move the weight vertically.


Wednesday’s WOD

Hang Power Cleans to Push Press



3 rounds for time

21 Box Jumps (24/20)
15 Toes to Bar
9 Hang Power Cleans to Push Press (135/95)

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