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Handstand For Everyone

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Spaces are limited for our May 10th workshop with Coach Aaron Koz. Sign up now to improve your overhead position in his Handstands For Everyone two hour workshop.

In Handstands For Everyone you will  learn proper positioning and ideal muscle engagement.

A former workshop attendee reports that Aaron’s knowledge of anatomy and movement is vast and well applied in how he sequences teaching handstands. He is warm, personable, well-organized and thoughtful with his instructions. His approach is inventive and reflects a deep understanding of how the body works.

Did you have any challenges during The Open with your overhead position? Were you solid and fluid with the handstands? If there is anything outside of a solid YES to those questions then this workshop is for you. Space is limited so reserve your spot now!

Since we will do The Open again this year, now is the time to systematically address those weaknesses. The timing of Coach Aaron’s visit to Napa is perfect! You know who you are. Block the time on your calendar. We will see you then!