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Gymnastics Work & AMRAP

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It’s back to gymnastics and body weight work today. All of this gymnastics work sets the stage for so much more in your future CrossFit workouts. More strength, more stamina, more stability, yes even more fun! It seems like it should be such a simple thing to just hold on to a position for a little bit of time, but as most of you have already figured out, the workouts that look the most innocuous can end up being the most “deadly”. Try to move through the AMRAP today with the most physical integrity that you can hold. Gymnastics work for adults can sometimes feel a bit frustrating and in some cases (ahem Wall Walks) a little humiliating for some of us. Here’s some perspective and advice about how to get over yourself and attack those weaknesses. Modify if you feel like you are losing your core in all of this work! I’d rather have perfect assisted form than see blown out and over-extended low backs and shoulders. Gather your physical forces and have at it.


Tuesday’s WOD

Image result for gymnastics work with ringsAbs of Steel:

3×30 second L-sit hold/30 seconds rest, on rings or boxes.
Scale: high knees

Ring work and somersaults of coaches choice


15 minute AMRAP

2 muscle ups (sub 2 chest to bar pullups and 2 dips for each muscle up)
4 handstand push ups (sub wall walk)
8 kettlebell swings (70/53)

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