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Gymnastics & Kettlebells

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Social Calendar and Calendar Change Reminders

  • Just a reminder for those of wanting to attend Red Wine and Carnage until you had the promo code, it is “bacon.” Enjoy!
  • Plans are moving along for our first Clothing Swap to be held on Friday, August 23rd. This event will be a great opportunity for everyone (yes, guys, too) to bring your gently used, washed clothing items that you no longer want, and see if anyone else can use them! In addition to the clothing swap, there will be a taco truck and some great music (TBA as we nail down a DJ) and maybe even some dance-offs or snatch-offs. The event will start after the 5:30 pm class and will continue until about 9:30 pm. Please RSVP to Emilie at
  • Don’t forget that our Pilates for CrossFitters has moved time slots from Thursdays at 4pm to Fridays at 4pm as of last Friday the 2nd.
  • Our new Mobility WOD class began last Wednesday at 5pm. This half-hour class will be dedicated to introducing you to new ways of achieving Supple Leopardness! Come and check it out

PLEASE send me lots more of your Social Updates! Even if it’s just a call-out for someone to go on a trail run with you, meet up and have a doggy playdate or join you for a paddle on the river. We’ll put it out there and see what happens from there!



Tuesday’s WOD

Gymnastics work
Strict Pull-ups 2×10
Strict Dips 2×10
Candle Sticks 2×10

build in Pose work if possible

5 rounds
10 Kettlebell Snatches (53/35)
15 Wall balls (20/14)
200 M run

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