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Gymnastics Forward Roll Focus

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Forward rolls are one of the basic, beginning moves in gymnastics that you must master before you can move on to more complex skills. Since the gymnastics forward roll can be used as a stepping stone to more advanced aerial feats, they can give you more confidence and lead to higher self-esteem. Practicing this move can also help you build or keep bone density as well as improve your flexibility, agility and balance.ยน

Wednesday’s WOD

Forward Roll

gymnastic forward roll

It’s time to get comfortable upside down and rolling all around! There are many variations of front and back somersaults (or gymnastics forward roll). Somersaults can be performed in multiples, or multiples of quarter body revolutions, in some cases with additional twist rotations or ending in body landings. If you have the somersault under control, then kick up into a handstand and roll out of it.

100 Push Up Program


Image result for supermans gymnastics forward rollTabata Gymnastics Style

4 minutes each
Super Mans
Box Jumps
Hollow holds

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