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Endurance, Gymnastics & Death By Pull-Ups

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CrossFit Endurance is hosting a two day seminar in Santa Rosa, and I highly recommend it for anyone that is SERIOUS about endurance training.
DEC 10-11TH
Join us to learn to train more efficiently for run, triathlon, and endurance races and events. Improve your technique and mechanics to be a more efficient athlete. Increase your work capacity and pick up free speed with no additional time training.
Gain an edge on the 35 million training for these events. Learn about factors impacting race
performance such as training, nutrition, recovery, injury prevention and care.
CrossFit Santa Rosa
1005H Cleveland Ave
Santa Rosa
All are welcome!! You do not
need to be a member of CrossFit Santa Rosa to attend


Gymnastic work of coaches choice

Death by pull-ups:
Do 1 pull up the first minute
2 in the second minute
3 in the third minute
and so on until you cannot complete the number of pull ups specified by the minute

compare to 2/10/11

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