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Gutsy Girl & The Whole Life Challenge

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The Gutsy Girl and The Whole Life Challenge

Image result for the gutsy girlThe Gutsy Girl: Escapades For Your Life Of Epic Adventure is a cool new book that is currently #5 on the NYT bestseller list. It teaches girls to handle fear, be bold and saddle their own bronc, among many other useful and real life skills. It is also changing the face of youth literature today.

What, pray tell, does The Gutsy Girl have to do with the Whole Life Challenge? The founder of the WLC – Andy Petranek – just posted a podcast he did with the author of The Gutsy Girl. Her name is Caroline Paul, and it’s a lively and entertaining podcast you can access here.

There’s one more correlation: I am diving headstrong into this challenge as I can’t wait to get off the crack and kick the sugar habit. Would you like to see change in your life? Join our team here. The final link is that Caroline Paul happens to be my best friend, and we adventured together around the globe prior to our sedate urban lives. I’ve never gotten her to give up sugar, but maybe now that she’s featured on the WLC podcast she will consider it.



Memorial Day Murph


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This year on Memorial Day we will join forces with the Murph Foundation. Michael Murphy was a bad#*! Navy Seal who died in combat trying to save his comrades. He was an avid reader, and his family set up the Murph Foundation to support literacy in his honor. Every cent we raise supports the cause. If you want to get the cool shirt and support reading then sign up here.  Not sure yet? Just mark your calendar and come on down to the gym at 10AM on Memorial Day. Make sure you are well hydrated prior to the start so we don’t have to call 911.

Post WOD please plan to stay for our Memorial Day bar-b-que and potluck. Burgers and fixin’s provided by WCCF. Please bring your favorite side. We can’t wait to celebrate again with you!



Mother’s Day

mothers day gutsy girl









Remember to call and say thanks! A little gratitude goes a long way.



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