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Grass Fed Ground Beef, Deadly Deads

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meat deadly deadsWe have 150# of Grass Fed Ground Beef that is available to you at $7 per pound. That is a wonderful price for grass-fed beef. This well raised and properly educated beef comes from the Lazetich Family Ranch just outside Reno, NV. Remember football player and CrossFitter Johnno Lazetich who did the Sprinting Clinic with us a few years back? This comes from his family ranch. It’s YUMMY. Get a few packages while you can!


deadly deadsWe also have a smorgasbord of Deadlift work today–we can affectionately call it the Deadly Deads. We are going to approach this lift from all angles today. Top down, bottom up, and just about half way. All approaches to challenge your posterior chain in its entirety

Tuesday’s WOD

Partner Accessor Work–the Deadly Deads

One athlete works while the other rests

2 Rounds each of:
20 Romanian Deads, 185/135 – with minimal knee bend descend to below knees, no lower.
20 Partial Deads, 185/135 – pull from the floor to above the knees, no higher.
20 Deads, 185/135
20 Sumo Deads, 185/135
Rest 90 seconds between rounds.


AMRAP 7 min:
5 Deads, 315/225
10 Lateral Barbell Burpees

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