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Grace, Gladiator Race, Mobility Seminar

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We’ve got Grace, Gladiator Race and a Mobility Seminar all coming at you!


Gladiator Rock 'N Run Grace, Gladiator

Gladiator Rock n Run is coming to San Jose on June 13th. This fun event is organized by Dan “Nitro” of American Gladiator fame. Start in waves (you choose your wave time in the registration process) and scale mountains, battle fire, mud and ice. There is a poster about this event hung by the water cooler with a special discount code for CrossFitters. Coach Richy is going, so talk to him and drop in on his wave!


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The Mobility WOD Seminar is in three short weeks and it IS for YOU! That’s right. You. By attending this one-day seminar on Sunday June 7th, you will feel better in your body than you have in years. You will learn how to loosen up from the inside out. That’s right. Inside. Starting with the muscles around the diaphragm and moving on out to the extremities. Not sure about the time? The Money? It’s time to invest in yourself! Sign up here.


Monday’s WOD

Post Warm Up spend 15 minutes working on the Clean and Jerk.

Advanced find a 1RM
Intermediate work from Position 2 and build comfort with the jerk.
Beginners work from Position 1


For Time: “Grace”
30 Clean and jerks (135/95)

Compare to
1/10/11, 5/2/11, 9/19/11, 1/23/12, 7/2/12, 10/29/12, 4/8/13, 7/29/13, 4/4/13, 8/4/14, 11/24/14

Cash Out: 200 double unders for time

Cash Out #2: STRETCH!


Barbell Club

Power Clean & Hang Clean 4×1+1
Back Squat 75% for 1×5. Drop set AMRAP
Sumo Dead Lift 3RM then 2×5 drop sets

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