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Getting Healthy On A Budget

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Good health spans at least the thee areas of food, finance and fitness. My goal in 2019 is to build a buffer of wellness in all three. And this blog is about how to get healthy in each area while sticking to a budget.

One of the tricky things about healthy eating is the expense! All that fresh and organic food costs a lot, and if you’re like me you always spend more than planned. But the tips in The Simple Dollar‘s guide are a big help.

In the area of finance it’s again too easy to not pay attention. But the tips from The Simple Dollar‘s guide are really helpful as well. In fact, when you peruse their site you will see practical info on everything money related.

Fitness. How do we nurture our physical health and and strength on a budget? The Simple Dollar‘s tips are practical and helpful, and they include looking for deals on Groupon. Did you know that you can get 50% off our Boot Camp Classes with Groupon?!

Tell your friends, and send them to Groupon for an unbelievable deal. Our goal is a healthy and strong Napa in 2019, and the Simple Dollar Guide points the way.