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Full Squat Cleans & EMOM

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When we do “Cleans” in CrossFit, many times this can mean a variety of things. We can start from the floor and land in a power position, we can start from a hang position and land in a squat or power position, etc. In the Olympic Lifting world, a Clean means only one thing. You start from the floor and you land in a full squat–ass to grass–then stand all the way up in control of the weight, hips fully extended before the rep counts and you can drop the bar. Anything less and you have not completed the lift. Channel that inner Olympic lifter today and do not settle for anything less. The gentleman from Prospect Barbell below cleans 300#

[responsive_youtube NbCr0UyoFJA norel]

Tuesday’s WOD

Full Squat Cleans.

Image result for full squat cleansExperienced lifters from the floor. The rest from Position 2. Novices from Position 1. The goal is to drop UNDER the bar, and get comfortable catching at the bottom. Now is where we see all the benefits of the last 5 week pausing front squat cycle. Get down there! The goal is to start light, and work on speed and confidence as weight goes up.



12 Minute EMOM
3 Squat Clean Thrusters (Clusters)
Athlete picks load

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