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Front Squats for Form

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To get the maximum effect out of each exercise while you’re training, you must use strict and correct form. Many people in their quest for heavier weights slowly let their form go. Unfortunately, sometimes in CrossFit, and mostly because we are all just so enthusiastic┬áto get out there and get our WOD on, some people just don’t get the correct training and knowledge when they begin weight training and never get their form correct. Remember, it’s not always how much weight you’re lifting but how you’re lifting it.

front squats for formEnter training with a linear progression approach. Remember how we established our 1RM in the front squat 2 weeks ago? If you did not do Monday, May 4th’s front squat work, be sure to set your working weights today and keep track of what you are doing. When it comes time to find your 1RM again, and you’ve been faithfully following this progression, I promise you will have improved your front squat (and done a nice service to yourself for when you have to go get that new swimsuit for as we all know SUMMER IS COMING!)



Wednesday’s WOD

Pausing Front Squats for Form

3×5. Start at 65% of 1RM. Linear Progression. Add 5# each week. 3-second count at the bottom. Today should still be on the light side with incredible focus on doing your front squats for form.

note: Beginners just out of On Ramp are working on straight front squats with no pause.

AMRAP 12 Min
2 Press (95/65)
4 Push Press
8 Toes to Bar
12 Box Jumps (24/20)

Cash Out: 20 Pull Up Challenge Work Superset 10 Pull ups

Barbell Club

Chinese Snatch Pull+Hang Snatch

BTN Push Jerk + OH Squat

Front Squat


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