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Front Squats 1RM & AMRAP

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Woo hoo! The time has come. All of that work you’ve been doing with your linear progression on the Front Squat is about to make itself known. Today, you will be finding your all new Front Squats 1RM.

Any solid warm-up routine should have two distinct parts, the general dynamic warm-up and the movement specific warm-up.  We do the general dynamic work at the beginning of every workout.


Here is an easy to follow guide to getting warm for that 1RM attempt of NON-OLYMPIC Weightlifting Lifts (Squats/Presses/Deadlifts etc.) Take a look at this before coming in today, you don’t have to follow this to the letter, but organize yourself so you can really reach that new number!

chart1 front squats 1RM


Don’t Forget! We’re going to see Rich Froning tear it up tonight in his new movie, Froning: The Fittest man in History. It’s quite the claim and I’m sure it won’t disappoint. Movie starts at 7:30!


Also, before you head into the weekend, check out this article on calories and sugar intake. For those of you following the WLC this will be very valuable and relevant information. It will inspire you to stay the course and hang in there if you are feeling a little worn out from the Challenge. For those of you NOT joining us on the Challenge, read it anyway and think a little deeper about the foods you may be mindlessly consuming. Then think about joining the next Whole Life Challenge next time it comes around to help you strategize how to get all that garbage out of your diet.


Friday’s WOD

Front Squats 1 Rep Max

Strategize the warm up to reach a NEW and quality 1RM. If you rush the warm up the 1RM effort will be suboptimal.

Pimp Your Pulls

W’s 3×15 (0-#5)



8 Hammer Strikes (AHAP – Alternate sides each round)
8 Clapping Push Ups
8 Box Jumps (30/24)

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