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Front Squat 1RM Test Out

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Spinal Organization. Do you have it? Is it good? Do you even know what it is? We learned about it at the mobility seminar this weekend and boy does it make a world of difference when you start going under load and attempting 1 RM lifts.

Front Squat 1RM

For the front squat, the next question is, how is your front rack position? It is CRITICAL you get your shoulders externally rotated before racking that weight.  Listen carefully to this video and the comments made about what happens when you are not organized properly in your shoulders (about the 1:40 mark). Then practice rotating those shoulders out over and over before addressing the bar and going for that lift.


Wednesday’s WOD

Front Squat 1RM

100 Push Up Challenge


5 rounds for time
200 Run
5 Strict Pull ups
45 second plank hold

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