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Front Squat 1RM & 21-15-9

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Front Squat 1RMOkay. Here we are. 1RM day. Specifically, Front Squat 1RM day. We establish 1RM for a few reasons. Heavy strength training for singles, doubles, and triples can help the central nervous system boost muscle growth due to the hormone release from the spinal cord. It will establish the load settings for your future work. It determines the progress associated with your program, and the efficacy of that program. It ranks your muscular strength based on standard norms. Standard norms are used to determine your relative strength ratio.  So keep track of this number, it’ll be useful!

It is particularly important today that you warm up thoroughly before attempting this 1RM.




Wednesday’s WOD

Front Squat 1RM
Find 1 rep max

GHD sit ups (sub candlestick sit ups)
CTB pull-ups
Front rack lunges (95/65)

Cash Out: 5 min max effort double unders. If athlete doesn’t have doubles then use this time to develop them.

Barbell Club
-Chinese Snatch Pull+Hang Snatch
-BTN Push Jerk + OHS
-Front Squat

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