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No MORE Plastic! Floor Press & Sprints

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A few months ago I wrote a blog that accompanied this picture. It said that we carried and sold these plastic bottles of water for people who forgot their water bottles at home, but we encourage you to bring or pick up here a metal bottle, put your name on it and hang it at the gym.


And then I saw a one hour documentary called Bag It! This short film educated, entertained and informed me about the devastating impact plastics have on our earth, and what we as individuals can do to make a difference.  I already bring my own bags to the grocery store, and use a metal water bottle, etc. But the next step that occurred to me is doing away with the plastic bottles at the gym. So, out they go! We will finish those we have on hand, and then we will no longer have them for sale for $1 in the little fridge. There will be some paper cups on top of the water cooler for those in need, but we REALLY want you to bring in a metal bottle, or purchase one from us and put your name on it so you are READY for hydration. In the meantime we’ll show Bag It! sometime this fall in the gym. Hydrate or die!



Floor Press find 1rm then lower weight to 85% of 1rm and perform 5 reps (with as much rest as needed between sets.)

10x100m run on the minute

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