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Final Mobility Class & Snatch Day

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Wednesday at 5PM we will have our final Mobility Wod Class for the summer. On Friday of this week I will go under the knife to repair a very tweaked shoulder, and our Mobility Wod classes will be on hold while I heal and do lots of rehab. If you’ve been coming to the class for the last month then please devote some time each day to your body, and continue the great work we have begun. If today is your first time, I guarantee you will leave with some new mobility tools in your belt.


See you in the gym at 5PM!




Wednesday’s WOD


-15 minutes to establish 3RM hang snatch (bottom of knee – 3 consecutive reps)

Wall Ball (20/14)
KB Snatch (53/35) complete 30-20-10 with EACH SIDE, L & R

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