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Squatoberfest, Femme Royale Report, Rope Climbs

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Femme Royale event was a success and attendees ate Dabba all day! Here’s what a few of our women competitors had to say:

From Megan Wright: Women of all ages, shapes and sizes came together to compete and discover their capacity. Femme Royal was my first competition and I have to say I was really nervous. It was inspiring to see how strong, focused and driven all of these women were. It was also incredible to have a team and a partner from WCCF that truly worked our way through some tough workouts. We came to have fun and didn’t focus on winning. “The Rookies” had a blast and I know I learned a ton about myself and where I want to go as an athlete. I never thought I would consider myself to be an athlete- but now I do!

From Maddy Wert:  I loved the Femme Royale Competition! I had such a wonderful time at my very first competition. Everyone was so kind and the energy throughout the day was so happy. Our WCCF team was so supportive and random Crossfitters were so nice too. People told me what I could do to get better and it was really awesome. No one singled me out by being a younger girl, and I was really impressed by the range of age! Too fun. I now know what I need to work on and it motivates me to do other competitions and work harder. CrossFit has been a wonderful thing for me as I have never thought of myself as a sporty person but I guess I’m an athlete and I love feeling apart of something. I can’t wait to compete next year. Thank you so much, Beth, for organizing this! 

From Marie Huesgen: Femme Royal was so much fun and, of course I had the best partner Maddie Wert!
For both of us it was the first time we competed and I came into it with the thought of just having fun and giving my best. I really liked that it was all partner style workouts and I didn’t feel alone.
I would definitely do it again because it gives you so much motivation in your everyday workouts to be better at the next competition.

From Hilary Wendel: Femme Royale was a blast.  This was not my first competition, but it was my first all female completion.  It was really fun and I would definitely do it again!  Although it was only women competing, it was great to have the men being so supportive, as judges, as fans, and family!  I loved the camaraderie of my fellow athletes from WCCF and the members who stopped by to watch – that was really nice!!  I had tweaked my back the day before, picking up a tennis ball, and I was worried I would have to drop out, but with some JC magic, Advil, and the adrenalin rush, I was ok!  In fact, I even PR’d my split jerk!  Competing pushes me to the next level.  I always feel like I make a breakthrough during competitions. I urge every member to compete at least once!  There are entry level comps that are perfect for rookies!

From Lena Septimo: I’ve been wanting to compete in some of the more local competitions for a while – a natural build-up of my normal competitive nature. Coming back just 6 months post-partum, I was pretty nervous about what movements might be in the WODs – and I didn’t want to push myself to an unsafe level in training or the actual event. My partner, Megan, was awesome and I would compete with her again in a heartbeat. The Femme Royale was amazing to watch women of all shapes, sizes and ages at the fun, 50/50 and Rx level – we are so inspiring in what we ask our bodies to do! I didn’t go into this one thinking about winning or even beating anyone but myself and walked out feeling great about my progress back at WCCF. It was fantastic having our team plus the various fans from home there to support.


Squatoberfest is This Saturday! Sign up here and get a shirt while lifting BIG and having FUN.


Three WODs. Compete like a Boss. Get a T-shirt! Have Fun. Register here


Tuesday’s WOD

Rope Climbs

Work the technique. If you already have the skill then work no hands, and speed.

Pimp Your Pulls

Inverted KB Push Ups 3 x 8



1 Rope Climb
10 Kettlebell Snatch (10 each side)(53/35)
15 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
20 Goblet lunges (40 steps total)
25 Toes to Bar
20 Goblet Lunges
15 Kettlebell Swings
10 Snatches/side
1 Rope Climb

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