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Femme Fit Comp

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Hey you studly women CrossFitters, I just learned about this fun event and I believe it would be super fun to go with all of you. If the man in the family is reading this blog then please pass the word onto your woman. Femme Fit 2011 takes place in Martinez on August 13. It consists of 5 separate events. A 1-5 mile run. All athletes start together, and are directed on the race course where to go. Competitors are not informed of the distance beforehand. The second event is a one rep max clean. The next event is 1 round for time, Deadlift a total of 5000 lbs, Box jump 20″, Kettlebell swing 35lbs. Event 4 is 100 meter dash, and the final event is the Alpha Strong Finals consisting of 400 meter run 15 burpees, sandbag carry, 15 burpees, 400 meter run.

This will be GREAT training for the Tough Mudder, and would be so cool to do it with as many of the Tough Mudder Team that can make it. For more info check this.



Tuesday’s WOD:

Ring Work:  Muscle Ups, lever progressions, skin the cat, inverted hangs, dips…..


AMRAP 20 mins:

400m Run
12 pull Ups
15 Ball slams (35/25)

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