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Essentrics – Try It Out In July For FREE!

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Discover Essentrics

discover essentrics

Looking to add some flexibility to your program? Attend the Essentrics class on Mondays at 7.45PM.

“Essentrics is a dynamic workout that lengthens and strengthens every muscle in the body, resulting in greater joint mobility and lean, long muscles. Using the entire body during the workout, Essentrics uses the healing principles behind physiotherapy to help create a pain-free body.” Also known as The Popular Stretch that was made famous by Miranda Esmonde-White while it was the #1 fitness show on Public Television for over 15 years

We are hosting local health and nutrition expert Julie Webster as she completes her Essentrics training. As such, classes through July are FREE! These classes are open to all, not just CrossFitters, so please pass the word!


Chef Aaron is Cooking!

chef aaron

Check out this amazing menu available from Chef Aaron until July 16th and then go to his website to stay up to date on future offerings!

Awesome Appetite Meals

By Chef Aaron–

Order By Every Saturday

Current Menu Until July 16th

Grilled Steak, Oregano Zucchini & Onions Balsamic Chimichurri Sauce 12.95

Cumin-Spiced Chicken, Sweet Potato Mash Apple-Bacon Compote 11.95

Contact Chef Aaron personally at 443-244-2897 or

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