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Early Bird Pricing Ends Tuesday Nite!

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Macronutrient Counting. It’s all the rage. And those who learn how to do it get amazing results. They look good. They feel good. They recover fast.

Learn how to do it in the upcoming eight week Challenge. Dialed-In Macronutrients is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to heal your relationship with food.

Want to understand the difference between a carb, a gram of fat and  a protein? This is the place to do it! Want to understand why sometimes you feel GREAT after working out and sometimes you feel like caca? Do you want to know what your body needs for optimum performance? Do you want to know how to easily prep your food for the week so you are set for success?

If you answer YES to even one or two of those questions, then this Eight Week Nutritional Challenge is for you!

The cost is $247. But if you sign up before April 30 at midnight you save 20%!.

Call your friends. Get your mom. Bring the neighborhood along with you. Sign up HERE.

Does learning to count macronutrients just seem too complicated? The process is demystified in Dialed In Macronutrients. In this Eight Week Nutritional Challenge you will learn to calculate your own macronutrient needs. You will learn how to make food prep simple and effective. You will learn strategies for social occasions and restaurants. You will heal your relationship with food.

Best part: You get ALL of this for %20 off when you sign up before Tuesday, April 30th at 12 midnight! Sign up HERE.