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Dumbbell Snatch, Pimp Your Pulls

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Hips here we are again. Your hips are your most precious asset in your entire body in relation to effective movement. You can search the term “hips” and “movement” and dozens of posts, articles, research and anecdotes will support this. During the snatch movement, your hips are the catalyst that will bring about better, stronger lifts. Again, a search on hips and snatch will get you to a ton of great advice¬†on how important your hips are to safe, effective practice of this difficult Olympic lift.

Using dumbells in the snatch lift requires a level of focus and precision that is sometimes difficult to maintain. It’s easy to fall into lazy movement patterns just to get the lift “over with” and get that weight over your head. Resist the urge today to just “get it done” and let yourself experience all the nuances of the lift that allow what seems like a huge dumbell rise effortlessly over your head.

Here’s a great piece on how to warm up those hips and keep them open and flexible for all of your future work in the gym. If you have kids, get them doing these stretches with you–you’d be surprised at their flexibility (and in some cases their lack thereof) and it’s a great way to get them involved in learning about their limitations and how to work through them.


Tuesday’s WOD

Dumbbell Snatch

Build to AHAP. Start at hang position until hip movement is in place. Then move to start position from the floor, catch at the bottom.

Pimp Your Pulls

ME Pull ups if not completed yesterday
If completed do 3×10 Toes to Bar Strict


5 rounds for time

5 Dumbbell Snatch L (50/25)
5 Dumbbell Snatch R
200 meter run
:30 hollow hold

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