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Push up Challenge Results, KVON alert, Double Unders & Dumbbell Snatch

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During June and the first half of July we did a six week push up challenge. Now I was away on holiday in Greece counting my Euros for much of that time, but I understand that there was a LOT of complaining about so many push ups. Maybe all those push ups became a bit redundant, or even boring….. but sometimes we think that the cure is worth the medicine….And it shows up in those increased numbers, proving in fact that hard work – albeit boring at times – does pay off.

A few people on the board had numbers that stayed the same. One person went down. The majority went up, and here is a sampling:

Bradley went from 17 to 22

Grace went from 8 to 10

Ann went from 9 to 21

Savanna went from 16 to 20

Remi went from 34 to 50

Katelyn went from 7 to 16

Jim Brandt went from 30 to 40

Suzanne M went from 2 to 9

Ben went from 15 to 30

Chris S went from 32 to 44

Beth Wert went fron 3 to 5

These are some great improvements, and we are proud of your tenacity!



KVON has chosen Wine Country CrossFit as their Business of the week! It starts this Friday at 9AM with an on-air interview with Beth, and carries on thru next Thursday August 13. Tune into 1440AM, and listen for our soundbites on CrossFit!



Thursday’s WOD

Double Under Skills work

If you have doubles work on your singles.

Abs of Steel: 4×10 V-ups


For Time:

50 double unders
10 dumbbell snatch (60/45)
40 Double unders
8 dumbbell snatch (60/45)
30 Double unders
6 dumbbell snatch (60/45)
20 double unders
4 dumbbell snatch (60/45)
10 double unders
2 dumbbell snatch (60/45)

Cash Out: Mobility on those calves

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